About Us

At BKC Baseball Training we believe all players who have the desire to take their game to the next level deserve professional coaching. Experience the difference in player development.


The instructors at BKC have been able to make sublte changes to (my son’s) stance and swing that are allowing him to get the most out of every at bat.”

“I look forward to receiving my son’s video analysis each week. Watching my son’s improvement in only a few weeks has been amazing.”

Our story

BKC coaches possess decades of baseball coaching success with players of all ages and skill levels including the professional, college, and high school levels. 

Regardless of age or current skill level, all players can expect to benefit from and improve. We pride ourselves on the sense of community we are able to offer to our students and parents. We want this experience to not only increase your skill levels and make you a better player, but also a memorable and enjoyable experience.